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Hygge your way to happiness: our favourite ways to embrace winter

Posted 2nd November 2023

You may know we're a British company and as Brits, we're all about a good cup of tea and finding enjoyable ways to see the winter through. British winters can be pretty depressing with lots of dismal grey days and dark, cold nights; so any way to bring some warmth and happiness to winter is welcome! That's why we're big fans of the Hygge concept.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish word that is often translated as a concept of cosiness, comfort and well-being. It's a cultural idea that encompasses a sense of contentment, warmth and togetherness, and it's considered an integral part of the Scandinavian lifestyle. It is after all, one of the coldest and darkest places to live in the winter!

Hygge is about creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere, especially during the colder months, where people can enjoy the simple pleasures of life and what's really great is, it's inexpensive. What's not to love?! Here are five ways you can incorporate simple hygge pleasures into the family home this winter and make it a cosy haven. You might even be disappointed when Spring rolls around!

Ambient, warm lighting

You know the British phrase 'put the big light on?' Well big lights are banned in any hygge household! (Unless you're trying to find the TV remote, of course.) Aside from being stark and unforgiving, bright light (especially cold light) isn't conducive to comfort and relaxation. Instead, think carefully placed lamps with warm, medium brightness bulbs, soft hued fairy lights and anything that gives off a cosy glow. This makes for an inviting atmosphere that you'll love to relax in.

Fairy lights

Soft jumpers, thick socks and throws

Enhance your lounging areas with additional soft throws, blankets and cushions in soft textures and wintry colours and patterns; and dig out some super cosy jumpers and chunky socks that envelop you in snugness. Throws make your sofa super inviting and layering up can save money on energy costs. Plus, making a dedicated space for relaxation and rest that's comfy and cosy can be a fantastic way to unwind after a busy day at work or school. Curl up amongst the softness with a good book and a mug of cocoa and you're immediately living the hygge life.


Comforting foods

For the Danes, it's as much about the scent of tempting comfort foods as the taste. Filling your house with the smell of freshy baked bread, cakes and pastries is a sure way to feeling cosy and warm and it doesn't have to be time consuming and complicated. Cheat with with par-baked baguettes or bread mixes, ready to bake croissant and pastry doughs and even cookie mixes, which the kids will be only too happy to help out with! Don't forget to go heavy on the cinnamon and nutmeg for that additional scent of the season.

And really appreciate the warming power of a bowl of fresh soup - easy to make and a fantastic way to get fresh veggies into your kids' diets, there are some great soup recipes to try here. Enjoy from bowls with crusty bread for a simple family meal or gather around the TV with steaming mugs.

That warm candle glow

The Scandinavian nations purchase and use the most candles globally, because they know how comforting and warming a flickering flame can be. Tea lights in glass jars and pillar candles in hurricane vases all add to the atmosphere of cosiness. If you have young children, ensure to place them well out of reach and never leave them burning unattended. But to be safer still, consider battery operated tea lights which are remarkably realistic with a flickering glow. (With regular candle use, remember to ventilate your home regularly by opening a window or door, to allow fresh air flow and remove the build up of soot in the air which can cause respiratory problems.)

Candles in jars

Brew up and rediscover the art of tea

There's nothing like a steamy cup of something comforting to warm the cockles and soothe the soul. And whilst we love a standard cup of tea, there are some amazing teas out there that are perfectly suited to the cold winter months. Like Lapsang Souchong, a luxurious smoked tea that immediately conjures the idea of November bonfires and crackling log fires; or a traditional spiced Chai Tea, with warming notes of cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

Tea making itself can be a huge stress reliever too and in many Eastern cultures is adopted as a meditation practice. Check out this guide on How to be Mindful with a Cup of Tea.

Tea and a good book

Quality time spent with others

Another central theme of the Scandinavian hygge life is to combine simple pleasures enjoy the company of others. So ditch the screens and gather your nearest and dearest, wrap up warm and and take a walk in nature or schedule some nights in with family and friends you've not seen in ages - maybe even dig out some old fashioned board games to pass the time. Winter is a great time to reconnect and spend time together, using our tips in this article you can create a budget friendly experience any day or night of the week that will be the perfect remedy for the winter blues!

Hygge and togetherness

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