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Roller Sun Blinds


Long car journeys have the tendency to create grumpy and uncomfortable young passengers and warm, sunny days only serve to increase the irritation. Bright sunshine through the car window can leave children feeling hot and uneasy, and the more they fidget, the more distracted the driver becomes.

  • Our Roller Sun Blinds have been a hit for many years, and are the perfect way to protect youngsters from the heat and glare of the sun as they travel.
  • They feature large suction cups to meet the latest safety standards and can be easily attached to the side or rear windows, resulting in a cool, comfortable journey for everyone in the car.
  • Supplied in packs of two.
  • Protect against UVA and UVB rays.
50 3 favourite
50 3 LS2 50 3 Roller Sun Blind 2 Pack 50 3 Roller Sun Blind BOP 50 3 Roller Blinds AW 4 2023 Instructions

Product code: 50/3 CL503