Cabinet Slide Lock - Premium+ Range


Cabinets aren't the only place we store valuable items such as glassware, china and porcelain, they can also be the chosen location to keep tools, cleaning products and medicines tucked away. Bearing that in mind, any parent wouldn't want their child to have easy access to breakable things or dangerous products like bleach or prescription drugs.

  • These sliding locks will keep any double-fronted cabinet secure and your child well out of harms way.
  • This deluxe version incorporates soft inserts to help protect furniture.
  • They have a simple sliding action and double action 'press to release system', meaning it isn't a task for parents when they need to get something out of the cabinet quickly.
  • Great Savings when you buy more than one!
72 2 Cabinet Slide Lock Lifestyle2
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Product code: 72/2 CL722