Finger Protecting Door Hinge Guards

  • When fitted to the hinge side of the door, each flexible strip provides a finger trap barrier from the floor up to a height of 120cm or 180cm, depending on the product used, to keep your child's fingers completely safe.
  • Suitable for doors that open no more than 110 degrees, and maximum thickness of 50mm.
  • Each pack contains one wide strip and one narrow strip to fit each size of the door hinge - the wide strip is for fitting to the hinge opening (where the hinge is not visible when the door is closed) and one narrow strip for fitting to the other side (where the hinge is still visible when the door is closed).
  • Great Savings when buying multiple packs !
  • Due to their length, postage and packing for this item is at the higher rate, but don't forget that P&P is free for all orders over £60.00.

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