Spruce up home safety this spring

Spring is well on its way so, once again, it’s time to whip out the duster and commence the annual big clean.

Extendable No-Trip Gate

With homes across the country being made to look spick and span, family-run child safety specialist, Clippasafe, is encouraging parents to use the spring clean as an opportunity to reassess their homes for hazards.

Here are Clippasafe’s top tips for sprucing up child safety this spring:

1. Toddlers love to explore their surroundings without understanding the dangers around them. Even when cleaning, it’s important to keep poisonous cleaning products out of the reach of little ones. Why not try natural non-toxic products such as vinegar?

2. When not in use, keep all cleaning products locked away out of the reach of little fingers.

3. Take the time to assess each room and hallway for home safety hazards. It’s best to view things from your child’s height, so get down on your hands and knees and have a look around.

4. As the weather changes, so do home hazards. Little ones love to climb, so make sure furniture is standing away from windows and fit locks to stop windows from being opened too wide.

5. Swap heavy bed linens for lighter-weight summer versions. Babies and toddlers are very sensitive to temperature changes and can overheat easily. Fitting a room thermometer in a child’s nursery will help you to monitor the temperature – ideally it should be 18°c.

6. Spring is a great time to declutter. Check your stairs and floors for trip hazards and get rid of all those old toys that are taking up space. Also, sort through the toy box, checking that all items are suitable for your child’s age and removing any toys that are damaged.

7. Once your stairs are clear, fit safety gates to the top and bottom to prevent any nasty falls. An easy-to-fit gate can also be removed and used elsewhere in the home to stop little ones from running into danger. Clippasafe’s new range of stairgates will fit openings of any size. The range includes the Extendable, Dual-Fix, Push to Lock gate, made from 100 per cent natural beechwood; and the Natural Wood Play Pen which can also be used as a barrier, safety gate or even a fireguard (range starts at £24.99).

8. Babies and young children’s windpipes aren’t fully developed, so they’re much more susceptible to suffocation. Blind cords pose a particular risk because they often hang at head height. Ensure that furniture (especially a child’s cot) is kept away from windows with cords, and keep any cords held well above head height by using a drawcord shortener or cleat.

9. Test your smoke alarm and make a note to do so each week. If you don’t already have one, install a carbon monoxide alarm. These are available from most supermarkets for around £10-£20.

10. With summer just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to make your garden child safe. Cover or fill in any ponds or water features, ensure chemicals are locked away out of reach and check that children’s play equipment, such as swings or slides, is secured to the ground.