Simple ‘anti-tip’ straps prevent TVs from toppling & killing toddlers

A new study by Toronto University and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto has found that the risk of TV topple injuries and fatalities has risen dramatically over the last decade and is set to continue as TVs become heavier yet thinner and more affordable.

Anti-Tip TV Straps

Clippasafe Anti-Tip TV Straps

Experts at the hospital warn that injuries like skull fractures and intracranial hemorrhages are more likely than ever, as TVs are getting larger and are more likely to fall on top of curious tots. The same problem has been reported recently, with the tragic deaths of two toddlers who were crushed by an unsecured chest of drawers.

Roger Cheetham, safety expert and Managing Director of Clippasafe, says that parents need to be more aware of dangers like this and that they should know about the simple but effective steps they can take to minimise the risks.

“The problem is that many dangers in the home are unforeseen by parents until it’s too late. As lifestyles and trends in the home change, so do the safety factors. We’ve seen many developments in the time we’ve been in the safety industry including many new risks related to the latest technology and furniture styles. We always try to come up with a solution and we really want to help educate parents about these risks and how they can be significantly reduced.”

“Our Anti-Tip TV and Furniture Straps are affordable and designed to minimise dangers like this in the home.”

Anti-Tip Furniture Straps

Clippasafe Anti-Tip Furniture Straps