Safety survey launched to keep children safe

Child safety specialist, Clippasafe, has launched an online survey to find out more about the concerns of parents who have young children. The survey, which takes only a few minutes to complete, can be found by visiting

Clippasafe has consistently made award-winning and innovative child safety products for more than 50 years, and its experts regularly provide safety advice and tips to new mums and dads.

Now the company wants to know more about the worries that parents have so that it can continue to help keep young children safe either in the home or when out and about.

Roger Cheetham, from Clippasafe, comments: “Over the years we’ve helped to develop pioneering products that have brought safety into the lives of many families.

“To make sure that we know we are still continuing to develop the right products, and that we are leaving nothing out, we want to hear from parents and grandparents, and those looking after young children.

“We’d like people to tell us their concerns by answering a few, short questions. We’ll share that information and add our advice to help take some of the worry away.”

Questions on the survey include:

  • As a parent, what is your biggest home safety concern for your child?
  • When out and about, do you ever fear that your child will wander off and get lost?
  • Have you ever found your car seatbelt uncomfortable when pregnant?