National Burns Awareness Day – helping you reduce the risks

Today is the Children’s Burns Trust’s first annual Burns Awareness Day so it’s a perfect time to talk about the dangers of burns and scalds around the home and the products you can use to minimise the risks to babies and small children. At Clippasafe, our range can ensure you’re perfectly kitted out to reduce these dangers, so read on to find out more!


According to the Children’s Burns Trust, the majority of burn injuries that occur to children in the home, are due to hot liquid spills. These can be the result of hands reaching pan handles on the hob, kettle leads or simply hot drinks left within reach. It’s obvious that care should be taken with any hot liquids, that they are not left in accessible places for curious children to grab. But it’s not always that easy to keep an eye on everything and everyone!

Imagine a kitchen in the middle of preparing a meal. There may be several pans boiling on the stove, things roasting at 200 degrees in the oven and a kettle boiling; maybe even a chip pan bubbling away. It’s a highly dangerous zone for children and sometimes, the only option is to keep a hazardous area out of bounds. Safety gates are perfect not only for preventing stair tumbles, but for creating a barrier in doorways. We have a huge range of safety gates available that can keep wandering toddlers and small children well away from places like the kitchen, when it’s just too dangerous for them to be there. You can find one to suit your décor and preferred fitting method and they’re all really easy to install.

Even when the kitchen’s not in use and children are free to wander, that doesn’t mean the dangers are gone. Kids love to fiddle with controls, buttons and knobs so they can easily power up the hob and burn their hands or cause fire risks when you’re not there to supervise. You can avoid this with our oven and microwave door locks and stove knob guards – they keep little hands out of mischief and give you peace of mind, because we know you don’t have eyes in the back of your head!


Of course, burns can occur in many other rooms within the home and one of the most obvious at this time of the year, is the living room. It’s getting chilly in the evenings and most people will have their fire on by now, but have you ensured it’s surrounded by a suitable guard? Children (especially babies who’ve just begun to crawl and walk) are mesmerised by the sight of bright and colourful flames, or the glowing elements on electric fires. To prevent serious burns and potential house fires resulting from your child putting objects in or near the fire, make sure you have a suitable fireguard around the whole fireplace area. Our range includes extensions, covering most sizes of fireplace.


Lastly, don’t forget the risk of scalding in the bathroom. When your boiler has been on all day, water can be red hot as soon as the tap is turned on. It’s a huge risk to children who simply want to play with the water. During bath time, check the water temperature before your little one takes the plunge, with our bath thermometer. It provides a clear reading, ensuring the water is a perfect and safe temperature. Once in the bath, our inflatable tap guard is just the thing for creating a barrier between your little one and the hot tap. The simple but fun patented design, prevents skin contact with the hot tap surface and it also means there’s no risk of them being able to reach the tap and turn it on. When bath time is over, use our patented tap strap to secure the hot tap, so if children wander into the bathroom unattended, there’s little risk of them being able to turn on the hot tap and scald themselves.


At Clippasafe, we want families to be able to enjoy playtime in the home as safely as possible and our products allow just that. So take notice of the dangers in your home this National Burns Awareness Day and take a few precautions to avoid nasty injuries and trips to casualty.

Best wishes & safe playtimes!

The Clippasafe Team