Keep the family safe on the go this summer

Whether you’re off on a family holiday, visiting friends for the weekend or just on the school run, keeping safe on the go has never been easier thanks to these tips from child-safety specialist Clippasafe:

1. Check your car seat is correctly fitted and that the straps are in good shape – many garages will carry out these simple but lifesaving checks free of charge.

2. If your child’s car seat is fitted in the front passenger seat, ensure that this air bag is disabled.

3. Toddlers are full of beans and can often wriggle free from their car seat straps. Keep them safe, secure and comfortable with Clippasafe’s Secure Belt Travel Pillow (from £6.99). Its unique design encases the car seat shoulder straps, holding them securely in place on the child’s shoulders, whilst providing a snug cushion to support the head.

4. Be prepared for the worst. Always make sure you travel with in case of emergency (ICE) phone numbers including vehicle recovery contact details. Keep an emergency pack in the car in case of long tailbacks or breakdowns – in addition to basic essentials such as blankets, a torch and water, think child-specific and make sure you have some age-appropriate foods and additional clothing for each child. An infant car seat rain cover will keep babies dry and comfortable should they need to spend any time outside.

5. Fit a Baby or Child on Board sign to the rear window – in an accident, this will alert any emergency services to search for a little one.

6. It’s vitally important that expectant mothers keep themselves and their bump safe as they travel. Clippasafe’s Advanced Bump Belt (£24.99, ensures that the seatbelt lies across the lap and does not ride up onto the pregnancy bump. In the case of an impact, it makes sure that seat belt is correctly positioned to transfer the pressure through the hips and pelvis, instead of the womb, reducing the risk of serious injury.

7. With summer approaching and temperatures rising, fit roller blinds or sun shades to your car windows. These will keep little ones shaded and the vehicle cool. Should you need to get out of the car – even if it’s just for a very short while – make sure a window is left slightly open to allow cool air to circulate.

8. A child rear view mirror is a safe way of keeping an eye on little ones in the back, providing you with peace of mind without putting yourself or other road users at risk.

9. Maintaining peace and harmony amongst the back seat travellers is crucial in minimising dangerous driver distractions. Before setting off, give mini passengers their own travelling kits including toys, colouring items and healthy, non-messy snacks. Keeping each kit’s contents as similar as possible should help to avoid squabbles.

10. Don’t forget that as much as your little travellers can feel weary, so can you. Stop regularly for breaks and never drive tired.

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