Families warned of holiday dangers

As millions of Britons prepare to jet off on holiday in the coming weeks, UK families are being urged not to relax on child safety whilst away.

The warning, from child safety specialist Clippasafe, comes at the start of the school summer holidays, in a bid to help families make the most of their break and avoid potential disaster.

Roger Cheetham, managing director of Clippasafe comments: “Holidays are a great opportunity for families to visit somewhere new, soak up some sun and relax, but child safety should not be forgotten.

“Staying away from home, many families don’t take their usual precautions to keep their little ones safe, despite being in an unfamiliar place and often taking part in more hazardous activities.”

To help families avoid any nasty accidents this summer, Clippasafe provides some top tips for keeping little ones safe on holiday:

“Good planning is the key to a safe holiday. Make sure that you pack a first aid kit, with plasters, bandages and antiseptic cream, and ensure that your insurance documents and European Health Insurance Card are up-to-date.

“Where possible try to make your holiday apartment as safe as you would your family home,” Roger advises. “Small safety devices, such as plug socket covers and corner cushions are perfect for slipping in the suitcase, and can easily be removed at the end of your stay.

“If you have a balcony, check that it is safe for your little one. Make sure that there are no gaps in balustrades that a child could fall through or get stuck in, and check that the barrier is high enough to prevent any falls.

As well as ensuring safety in the holiday home, Clippasafe is also encouraging families to take care when out and about.

“Tourist attractions can get very busy and it’s easy to lose sight of your child in a crowd. With young children, it’s best to use harnesses or wrist links to ensure that they don’t wander off, but with older kids that isn’t an option. Make sure that you decide a meeting point to go to if you get split up and remind your children who to approach if they are lost.

“Around 70 per cent of Europeans choose to holiday by the waterside*, but both the swimming pool and the sea can be a dangerous place for a young child. Young children can drown in as little as an inch of water and even strong swimmers can get into difficulty. Children should always be supervised around water and taught to swim near a lifeguard where possible,” concludes Roger.

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Roger Cheetham‘s top tips for keeping kids safe on holiday:

  1. Be prepared! Organise insurance documents and health cards before you leave and remember to pack a good first aid kit.
  2. Pack small safety devices e.g. plug socket covers for country of travel and corner cushions
  3. Check that your balcony is safe before letting little ones onto it.
  4. Use a harness to stop young children wandering off in crowded places.
  5. Always supervise children around water.