Clippasafe takes the heat out of summer safety

With temperatures rising and summer well and truly on the way, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a spot of sunshine with the family. To make sure you make the most of the good weather, child safety specialist Clippasafe has put together some top tips for ensuring little ones stay safe this summer.

1. Apply sun cream at least 20 minutes before heading out into the sun and reapply regularly. Little ones have thinner, more sensitive skin than adults so burn much more easily and need a higher factor to protect them. Sun creams with SPF 30 or 50 are best for young children, but if these aren’t available, a minimum of SPF 15 should be used. This means that skin is protected from harmful UVB rays for 15 times longer than it would be without sun cream. In reality though, testing conditions differ greatly from standard use, so always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and reapply thickly and regularly.

2. Where possible, try to cover your child’s skin with loose-fitting cotton clothing and don’t forget to protect their heads. A brimmed hat will also keep the sun off little ears and necks.

3. Check your garden for any hazards before you let little ones out to play. Watch out for poisonous plants such as foxgloves and ensure any play equipment is in good condition and secured firmly to the ground.

4. Paddling pools are a great way to cool off, but don’t forget that young children can drown in just an inch of water. Never let a child play in or near water unsupervised and make sure you empty paddling pools after use.

5. If you’re heading out, remember to pack plenty of drinks to keep you and your little ones hydrated.

6. For car journeys, fit sun blinds to windows to keep little ones shaded and prevent nasty burns. Clippasafe’s Fun Sunscreens are cute as well as practical and available for just £3.49.

7. Even on cooler days, temperatures in vehicles can rise to dangerous levels, hitting up to 40°C hotter than outside. Never leave children in a vehicle unsupervised and when travelling, ensure that air is circulating and passengers are hydrated.

8. When the weather picks up, parks and other attractions can get very busy and it’s easy to loose sight of little ones. Reins or wrist links will give toddlers a sense of freedom, whilst making sure they don’t wander too far.

Clippasafe Home Safety Starter Pack

9. Although your own home might be kitted out for your little ones, hotels and holiday apartments rarely are. When you first arrive, look around the grounds for any hazards, such as swimming pools and water features, and check your room for potential dangers. The Home Safety Starter Pack (RRP £11.99) comes in UK and EU versions, fits easily into a suitcase and contains everything you need to keep little holidaymakers safe.

10. Don’t forget about home safety as the summer hots up. Lock balcony doors when little ones are around and fit latches to windows to prevent tiny hands from pushing them open too far. Keep a close eye on the temperature of your baby’s nursery – ideally it should be around 18°C.