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Take part in our survey & you could WIN £100 worth of Clippasafe products!

As part of our ongoing product and safety research, we’d like to know your opinions and thoughts on seat belt wear during pregnancy.

If you’re a mum or a mum to be, please visit this link and spend a few moments taking part in our latest survey.

To say thank you, we’d like to enter you into a prize draw to WIN £100 worth of Clippasafe products. Closing date is 31st October 2017. Terms and conditions apply, please see below for full details.

Good luck and thank you for your participation!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Strictly one entry per person allowed.

2. Your data and survey answers remain confidential and secure, we will never share your data with third parties. We may use anonymised survey results to aid our product research and to publicise areas of safety concern. Your name and details will not be linked to your survey answers or used publicly.

3. The competition winner will be drawn at random from all survey participants at midday on 31st October 2017.

4. Prize is £100 worth of Clippasafe products of your choice, subject to availability, with free delivery.

Simple ‘anti-tip’ straps prevent TVs from toppling & killing toddlers

A new study by Toronto University and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto has found that the risk of TV topple injuries and fatalities has risen dramatically over the last decade and is set to continue as TVs become heavier yet thinner and more affordable.

Anti-Tip TV Straps

Clippasafe Anti-Tip TV Straps

Experts at the hospital warn that injuries like skull fractures and intracranial hemorrhages are more likely than ever, as TVs are getting larger and are more likely to fall on top of curious tots. The same problem has been reported recently, with the tragic deaths of two toddlers who were crushed by an unsecured chest of drawers.

Roger Cheetham, safety expert and Managing Director of Clippasafe, says that parents need to be more aware of dangers like this and that they should know about the simple but effective steps they can take to minimise the risks.

“The problem is that many dangers in the home are unforeseen by parents until it’s too late. As lifestyles and trends in the home change, so do the safety factors. We’ve seen many developments in the time we’ve been in the safety industry including many new risks related to the latest technology and furniture styles. We always try to come up with a solution and we really want to help educate parents about these risks and how they can be significantly reduced.”

“Our Anti-Tip TV and Furniture Straps are affordable and designed to minimise dangers like this in the home.”

Anti-Tip Furniture Straps

Clippasafe Anti-Tip Furniture Straps



The Bump Belt – making seat belts safer during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers are unaware of the injury a conventional seatbelt can cause to an unborn baby in the event of a car accident, so we want to make sure that all mums-to-be are aware that there’s a simple and safe solution.

There is a 40-50% risk of miscarriage if an expectant mother is involved in a car accident. Even in minor accidents, there is still a 5% risk of injury to the unborn baby, which is why it’s important to buckle up correctly on every trip.

The innovative Bump Belt from Clippasafe is designed to make car journeys safer for mothers-to-be, reducing the movement of seat belts over the abdomen and avoiding the need for constant re-positioning.


Suitable for use from two months pregnant and up to birth, the Bump Belt is used with a regular seat belt to help keep the strap in place. Travellers should sit on the Bump Belt’s seat pad and fasten the seat belt below the abdomen (under the pregnancy bump) in accordance to NHS health and safety guidelines.

The seat pad can be secured around the back of the car seat. The Bump Belt’s two elasticated flaps are then secured around the strap to help maintain its position. In the event of a minor accident, the pressure is more effectively and safely transferred through the pelvis and hips rather than the abdomen and womb.

It is a simple way of protecting your unborn child and it is also makes car travel more comfortable. Additionally, pregnant women choosing to drive may get distracted from the road in an attempt to adjust their seatbelt, so removing this interference is beneficial for any passengers travelling within the vehicle.

57 BackofPack

The Bump Belt is lightweight and easily transferable between vehicles for minimal hassle. With care during use, the high quality belt is likely to remain in excellent condition for use during further pregnancies. It also adheres to European Safety Standards.

You can buy the Clippasafe Bump Belt Securely online for £24.99.



Announcing our new safety partnership with Mother & Baby

Clippasafe who have been leading the way in child safety products for fifty years, have joined forces with Mother & Baby, the UK’s most respected and well established parenting title; to further educate parents and carers on hazards around the home.

The online campaign will centre around an interactive game in which users are encouraged to navigate their way around a home and identify possible dangers. Each danger will be accompanied by a preventative product that’s available to buy direct from Clippasafe online.


Pic for blog

A shot from the Mother & Baby safety game

Roger Cheetham, Managing Director of Clippasafe, is delighted to be working with Mother & Baby in bringing matters of child safety to the attention of parents. “It’s crucial that parents are aware of the potential dangers before anything happens to their children. Not all dangers are obvious, but with just a few simple measures in place, disasters can be averted. We’re really pleased to be working with Mother and Baby to reach more parents and prevent potential accidents to young children.”

On a date soon to be announced, Roger will also be taking part in one of Mother & Baby’s Wednesday Lunch club discussions to answer reader questions about safety in the home.

Mother & Baby Editor, Busola Evans, said – “We’re really happy to have Clippasafe on board for this campaign. We recognised their expertise in this area and with so many years of experience designing and making safety products, we couldn’t have a better partner to help us promote home safety and offer solutions that make homes safer for babies and toddlers.”

Spring is in the air

Hi everyone!

Christmas is well and truly a distant memory and the crocuses are already starting to bloom, that can only mean one thing – spring will soon be here! Spring time is a great time of year for tots, it’s likely they’re fed up with being indoors trying to keep warm. It’s time for walks in the sunshine, playing on the park, picnics, picking flowers and lots of fun!

Spring is also the perfect time to get your little one kitted out with their own mini rucksack, kids love to feel independent and it’s a great time to teach them responsibility for their own belongings. That’s why we created our cute range of Toddler Daysacks! They come complete with reins to keep youngsters where you can see them and they’re just the right size to fit in a few things they might need on their adventure!


A few small toys, a jumper if it gets chilly, maybe even a sandwich and a drink for some re-fuelling! It can all be carried in the Toddler Daysack and be ready when they need it.

We’d like to give 2 lucky Clippasafe fans the chance to win their choice of Daysack, all you have to do is find us on Twitter or Facebook and either like or RT our competition post. We’ll draw two winners at random on Friday 20th!

Good luck everyone! 😀

National Burns Awareness Day – helping you reduce the risks

Today is the Children’s Burns Trust’s first annual Burns Awareness Day so it’s a perfect time to talk about the dangers of burns and scalds around the home and the products you can use to minimise the risks to babies and small children. At Clippasafe, our range can ensure you’re perfectly kitted out to reduce these dangers, so read on to find out more!


According to the Children’s Burns Trust, the majority of burn injuries that occur to children in the home, are due to hot liquid spills. These can be the result of hands reaching pan handles on the hob, kettle leads or simply hot drinks left within reach. It’s obvious that care should be taken with any hot liquids, that they are not left in accessible places for curious children to grab. But it’s not always that easy to keep an eye on everything and everyone!

Imagine a kitchen in the middle of preparing a meal. There may be several pans boiling on the stove, things roasting at 200 degrees in the oven and a kettle boiling; maybe even a chip pan bubbling away. It’s a highly dangerous zone for children and sometimes, the only option is to keep a hazardous area out of bounds. Safety gates are perfect not only for preventing stair tumbles, but for creating a barrier in doorways. We have a huge range of safety gates available that can keep wandering toddlers and small children well away from places like the kitchen, when it’s just too dangerous for them to be there. You can find one to suit your décor and preferred fitting method and they’re all really easy to install.

Even when the kitchen’s not in use and children are free to wander, that doesn’t mean the dangers are gone. Kids love to fiddle with controls, buttons and knobs so they can easily power up the hob and burn their hands or cause fire risks when you’re not there to supervise. You can avoid this with our oven and microwave door locks and stove knob guards – they keep little hands out of mischief and give you peace of mind, because we know you don’t have eyes in the back of your head!


Of course, burns can occur in many other rooms within the home and one of the most obvious at this time of the year, is the living room. It’s getting chilly in the evenings and most people will have their fire on by now, but have you ensured it’s surrounded by a suitable guard? Children (especially babies who’ve just begun to crawl and walk) are mesmerised by the sight of bright and colourful flames, or the glowing elements on electric fires. To prevent serious burns and potential house fires resulting from your child putting objects in or near the fire, make sure you have a suitable fireguard around the whole fireplace area. Our range includes extensions, covering most sizes of fireplace.


Lastly, don’t forget the risk of scalding in the bathroom. When your boiler has been on all day, water can be red hot as soon as the tap is turned on. It’s a huge risk to children who simply want to play with the water. During bath time, check the water temperature before your little one takes the plunge, with our bath thermometer. It provides a clear reading, ensuring the water is a perfect and safe temperature. Once in the bath, our inflatable tap guard is just the thing for creating a barrier between your little one and the hot tap. The simple but fun patented design, prevents skin contact with the hot tap surface and it also means there’s no risk of them being able to reach the tap and turn it on. When bath time is over, use our patented tap strap to secure the hot tap, so if children wander into the bathroom unattended, there’s little risk of them being able to turn on the hot tap and scald themselves.


At Clippasafe, we want families to be able to enjoy playtime in the home as safely as possible and our products allow just that. So take notice of the dangers in your home this National Burns Awareness Day and take a few precautions to avoid nasty injuries and trips to casualty.

Best wishes & safe playtimes!

The Clippasafe Team

Snacks on the Move

“Mummy, Mummy, I’m hungry!!” We all hear this whilst driving in the car. Damn! You’ve only got raisins and for every raisin eaten, you know full well a sticky shower of them will end up on the car seat.

But have no fear Clippasafe is here! Our Car Seat Protector is great for keeping crumbs, spills and stains off your car seat upholstery – just place in the car before fitting your child’s car seat over the top. Problem averted and you don’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to clean the seat afterwards.

Have you been sat at the park happily watching your child playing on the seesaw, when you hear that famous noise of the ice cream van? You look over to see where it’s going to park and the next thing you know, your little one is yanking at your sleeve for an icy treat?

Suddenly you remember that you have an appointment in 10 minutes, so it’s a quick dash for the car. You can let your little one demolish the ice cream in the car without ruining your seats, although we can’t promise they won’t get those sticky fingers on your windows!

child eating ice cream

Welcome to the new look Clippasafe!

Hi there everyone,

50 years on and we’re still rock and rolling! We decided it was time for a facelift to modernise our brand and we also thought it was a great time to take a fresh look at the products parents really need in the home. Our smart new website gives you easy access to all of our products and new features to help you get the most from your experience with Clippasafe.
For all the moments your little ones get their fingers trapped in a drawer, or you need to stop your little tearaway tumbling down the stairs; we want to be there for you. For those moments you’re not sure what to do to protect your child from dangers in the home – we hope to have it covered! Our ‘Ask Lizzie‘ page is here for your parenting questions, whether it’s finding the right toothbrush or figuring out which are the best products for your home.

Imagine… your child’s teddy bear has gone for a swim, along with your new makeup brush and Daddy’s keys – in the toilet! What are you going to do about it?

Stop, breathe in and exhale… and maybe find something to fish them out with! Ooh the joys!

Items like our toilet lock are there to prevent these ‘little incidents’, but of course to your toddler, it’s just bath time for your belongings! Parenting is full of smiles, tears, tantrums, and toilet trips!! It’s about making it easy and as fun as possible.

Clippasafe Directors Roger and Russell, have children of all ages and have seen first hand how parenting and technology has evolved over the years. With this knowledge, they are always increasing the Clippasafe range to cover nearly all aspects in the home and when out and about.

50 years… Gosh that’s old!

Clippasafe began its life as W.H. Cheetham and Sons Ltd, with 3 brothers making leather harnesses for children and pet products. Based in Nottingham, they started with a few leather cutting machines and slowly grew the company – until in the early 1980s, the company was changed to Clippasafe Ltd with Roger and Russell Cheetham incorporating home safety products. Today our quality harnesses and webbing products are still manufactured in house and sent all over the world. We’re proud to remain a fun, family business and we want to carry on designing and manufacturing great products to help parents and their children.

Until next time, stay safe!


Lizzie x
Product Development Manager

Remember: You will always stand taller when you kneel to help a child – Anonymous

Clippasafe takes the heat out of summer safety

With temperatures rising and summer well and truly on the way, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a spot of sunshine with the family. To make sure you make the most of the good weather, child safety specialist Clippasafe has put together some top tips for ensuring little ones stay safe this summer.

1. Apply sun cream at least 20 minutes before heading out into the sun and reapply regularly. Little ones have thinner, more sensitive skin than adults so burn much more easily and need a higher factor to protect them. Sun creams with SPF 30 or 50 are best for young children, but if these aren’t available, a minimum of SPF 15 should be used. This means that skin is protected from harmful UVB rays for 15 times longer than it would be without sun cream. In reality though, testing conditions differ greatly from standard use, so always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and reapply thickly and regularly.

2. Where possible, try to cover your child’s skin with loose-fitting cotton clothing and don’t forget to protect their heads. A brimmed hat will also keep the sun off little ears and necks.

3. Check your garden for any hazards before you let little ones out to play. Watch out for poisonous plants such as foxgloves and ensure any play equipment is in good condition and secured firmly to the ground.

4. Paddling pools are a great way to cool off, but don’t forget that young children can drown in just an inch of water. Never let a child play in or near water unsupervised and make sure you empty paddling pools after use.

5. If you’re heading out, remember to pack plenty of drinks to keep you and your little ones hydrated.

6. For car journeys, fit sun blinds to windows to keep little ones shaded and prevent nasty burns. Clippasafe’s Fun Sunscreens are cute as well as practical and available for just £3.49.

7. Even on cooler days, temperatures in vehicles can rise to dangerous levels, hitting up to 40°C hotter than outside. Never leave children in a vehicle unsupervised and when travelling, ensure that air is circulating and passengers are hydrated.

8. When the weather picks up, parks and other attractions can get very busy and it’s easy to loose sight of little ones. Reins or wrist links will give toddlers a sense of freedom, whilst making sure they don’t wander too far.

Clippasafe Home Safety Starter Pack

9. Although your own home might be kitted out for your little ones, hotels and holiday apartments rarely are. When you first arrive, look around the grounds for any hazards, such as swimming pools and water features, and check your room for potential dangers. The Home Safety Starter Pack (RRP £11.99) comes in UK and EU versions, fits easily into a suitcase and contains everything you need to keep little holidaymakers safe.

10. Don’t forget about home safety as the summer hots up. Lock balcony doors when little ones are around and fit latches to windows to prevent tiny hands from pushing them open too far. Keep a close eye on the temperature of your baby’s nursery – ideally it should be around 18°C.

Child safety goes down the pan as parents ignore home hazards

British parents are unwittingly putting their children at risk in the very place they are meant to be safest, because they have no idea how to child-proof their homes – and what lurks behind the loo poses one of the biggest threats.

A survey by child safety expert Clippasafe across 1,064 UK mums and dads revealed that despite all parents questioned ranking their child’s safety a “major concern”, a shocking 68 per cent of parents admit to keeping bleach on the floor next to the toilet, well within reach of little hands.

With only 7 per cent of parents storing cleaning products and medicines in a locked cupboard above a child’s head height as recommended, many appear to have been lulled into a false sense of security by child-proof packaging.

Awareness of other major safety hazards varied significantly, as although the majority of parents had safety gates installed (92 per cent) in stairways or door openings, 73 per cent had plug socket covers on vacant sockets, only a worrying 34 per cent of households had fitted shorteners to blind cords – which have been responsible for more than ten deaths in the UK since the start of 2010 (ROSPA).

With over one million children being admitted to hospital each year due to accidents around the home, Clippasafe is urging parents to use Child Safety Week (18th – 24th June) as an opportunity to reassess their home for safety hazards.

Clippasafe managing director Roger Cheetham says: “Our research has shown that although parents recognise the vital importance of child safety in the home, new parents have so much to consider that common sense can go out of the window and some simply aren’t aware of many of the basics which could make a real difference and ultimately save lives.

“In the past, new parents would have a family network nearby which would see safety advice passed down, helping them keep an extra eye on little ones. With families no longer living in such close proximity, this valuable resource is all but gone, leaving parents to find their way alone often sadly learning through trial and error.

“Being aware of the risks is essential, as is educating yourself on the safety options out there. For instance, hot running water can scald delicate skin in as little as five seconds, something which can be easily prevented by fitting a tap strap and adjusting the settings on your hot water system.

“We are urging parents to take this opportunity to assess their homes for child safety hazards – something as simple as getting down to your child’s eye level and seeing what they see, can make all the difference.”

Clippasafe has compiled its top home safety tips to help educate parents:

1. Take the time to assess each room and hallway for home safety hazards. It’s best to view things from your child’s height, so get down on your hands and knees and have a look around.

2. The kitchen is one of the most high-risk areas of the home, housing everything from toxic cleaning products to sharp knives. Cupboards and storage areas are also tempting ground for mini explorers, so fit child locks to cupboard doors and drawers to ensure little ones can’t get their hands on anything dangerous. Ensure any cords from electrical equipment such as toasters and kettles are kept tucked away and aren’t left hanging down temptingly for children to pull on.

3. Ensure any alcohol is stored well away from children – in addition to securing drinks cabinets, don’t forget to fit fridge locks to keep little ones away from any wine or beers chilling in the fridge.

4. Protect delicate heads from sharp edges by fitting corner cushions and soft edge guards to coffee tables, fireplace hearths and shelves.

5. Limit the risk of tottering toddlers pulling the television over onto themselves by placing your set on a low, stable piece of furniture or better still, fixing a plasma screen to the wall.

6. Don’t overload your plug sockets – this is a major cause of household fires. Also, keep little fingers out of sockets and prevent them from removing plugs by fitting socket covers and protectors.

7. Trips and falls are one of the most common injuries for children. Keep your stairs and hallway free from clutter and fit safety gates to the top and bottom to prevent any nasty falls. An easy-to-fit gate can also be removed and used elsewhere in the home to stop little ones from running into danger. Clippasafe’s new range of stairgates will fit openings of any size. The range includes the Extendable, Dual-Fix, Push to Lock gate, made from 100 per cent natural beechwood; and the Natural Wood Play Pen which can also be used as a barrier for large openings such as French or patio doors; safety gate; or even a fireguard (range starts at £24.99). Plug night lights into hallway sockets to increase night-time safety on stairs and landings.

8. Test your smoke alarm and make a note to do so each week. If you don’t already have one, install a carbon monoxide alarm. These are available from most supermarkets for around £10-£20.

9. Children are irresistibly drawn to windows, but they are dangerous. Make sure furniture is standing away from opens and fit locks to stop windows and balcony doors from being opened too wide. Blind cords pose a particular risk because they often hang at head height – keep any cords held well above head height by using a drawcord shortener or cleat.

10. Be water safety conscious. Children can drown in less than an inch of water – make sure you never turn your back on your youngster whilst they’re in contact with water. Also, attach a cover-clamp to your toilet to keep curious kids safe and fit an inflatable tap guard to prevent delicate skins from coming into contact hot taps. Installing tap straps will secure taps in the closed position, helping to prevent scalds and flooding accidents.

11. Finding the perfect temperature for your youngster’s bath is essential. Children and babies’ skins are much more delicate than an adult’s – what seems like a nice warm bath to you could scald a little one. A bath-temperature indicator will deliver an accurate, safe temperature readingts.

12. Make sure all your toiletries and medicines are locked away in a cabinet, as even items such mouthwash can be harmful to little ones. Don’t forget to store bathroom cleaning products such as bleach well out of reach – not by the toilet!

Clippasafe’s products are available from a wide range of retailers nationwide as well as online at

Keep the family safe on the go this summer

Whether you’re off on a family holiday, visiting friends for the weekend or just on the school run, keeping safe on the go has never been easier thanks to these tips from child-safety specialist Clippasafe:

1. Check your car seat is correctly fitted and that the straps are in good shape – many garages will carry out these simple but lifesaving checks free of charge.

2. If your child’s car seat is fitted in the front passenger seat, ensure that this air bag is disabled.

3. Toddlers are full of beans and can often wriggle free from their car seat straps. Keep them safe, secure and comfortable with Clippasafe’s Secure Belt Travel Pillow (from £6.99). Its unique design encases the car seat shoulder straps, holding them securely in place on the child’s shoulders, whilst providing a snug cushion to support the head.

4. Be prepared for the worst. Always make sure you travel with in case of emergency (ICE) phone numbers including vehicle recovery contact details. Keep an emergency pack in the car in case of long tailbacks or breakdowns – in addition to basic essentials such as blankets, a torch and water, think child-specific and make sure you have some age-appropriate foods and additional clothing for each child. An infant car seat rain cover will keep babies dry and comfortable should they need to spend any time outside.

5. Fit a Baby or Child on Board sign to the rear window – in an accident, this will alert any emergency services to search for a little one.

6. It’s vitally important that expectant mothers keep themselves and their bump safe as they travel. Clippasafe’s Advanced Bump Belt (£24.99, ensures that the seatbelt lies across the lap and does not ride up onto the pregnancy bump. In the case of an impact, it makes sure that seat belt is correctly positioned to transfer the pressure through the hips and pelvis, instead of the womb, reducing the risk of serious injury.

7. With summer approaching and temperatures rising, fit roller blinds or sun shades to your car windows. These will keep little ones shaded and the vehicle cool. Should you need to get out of the car – even if it’s just for a very short while – make sure a window is left slightly open to allow cool air to circulate.

8. A child rear view mirror is a safe way of keeping an eye on little ones in the back, providing you with peace of mind without putting yourself or other road users at risk.

9. Maintaining peace and harmony amongst the back seat travellers is crucial in minimising dangerous driver distractions. Before setting off, give mini passengers their own travelling kits including toys, colouring items and healthy, non-messy snacks. Keeping each kit’s contents as similar as possible should help to avoid squabbles.

10. Don’t forget that as much as your little travellers can feel weary, so can you. Stop regularly for breaks and never drive tired.

Clippasafe products are available at stockists nationwide and online at

Spruce up home safety this spring

Spring is well on its way so, once again, it’s time to whip out the duster and commence the annual big clean.

Extendable No-Trip Gate

With homes across the country being made to look spick and span, family-run child safety specialist, Clippasafe, is encouraging parents to use the spring clean as an opportunity to reassess their homes for hazards.

Here are Clippasafe’s top tips for sprucing up child safety this spring:

1. Toddlers love to explore their surroundings without understanding the dangers around them. Even when cleaning, it’s important to keep poisonous cleaning products out of the reach of little ones. Why not try natural non-toxic products such as vinegar?

2. When not in use, keep all cleaning products locked away out of the reach of little fingers.

3. Take the time to assess each room and hallway for home safety hazards. It’s best to view things from your child’s height, so get down on your hands and knees and have a look around.

4. As the weather changes, so do home hazards. Little ones love to climb, so make sure furniture is standing away from windows and fit locks to stop windows from being opened too wide.

5. Swap heavy bed linens for lighter-weight summer versions. Babies and toddlers are very sensitive to temperature changes and can overheat easily. Fitting a room thermometer in a child’s nursery will help you to monitor the temperature – ideally it should be 18°c.

6. Spring is a great time to declutter. Check your stairs and floors for trip hazards and get rid of all those old toys that are taking up space. Also, sort through the toy box, checking that all items are suitable for your child’s age and removing any toys that are damaged.

7. Once your stairs are clear, fit safety gates to the top and bottom to prevent any nasty falls. An easy-to-fit gate can also be removed and used elsewhere in the home to stop little ones from running into danger. Clippasafe’s new range of stairgates will fit openings of any size. The range includes the Extendable, Dual-Fix, Push to Lock gate, made from 100 per cent natural beechwood; and the Natural Wood Play Pen which can also be used as a barrier, safety gate or even a fireguard (range starts at £24.99).

8. Babies and young children’s windpipes aren’t fully developed, so they’re much more susceptible to suffocation. Blind cords pose a particular risk because they often hang at head height. Ensure that furniture (especially a child’s cot) is kept away from windows with cords, and keep any cords held well above head height by using a drawcord shortener or cleat.

9. Test your smoke alarm and make a note to do so each week. If you don’t already have one, install a carbon monoxide alarm. These are available from most supermarkets for around £10-£20.

10. With summer just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to make your garden child safe. Cover or fill in any ponds or water features, ensure chemicals are locked away out of reach and check that children’s play equipment, such as swings or slides, is secured to the ground.

Stop Little Ones Running into Danger

Leading child safety product manufacturer Clippasafe has launched a new version of its best-selling harness and reins.

As growing children become more confident on their feet, keeping them out of danger can be a challenge. Little ones are often keen to explore their new sense of independence when out and about, but busy roads and crowded shopping centres can be a major worry for mum and dad.

All parents want to watch their little ones learn and improve, so it’s important that adventurous toddlers are allowed some freedom at a safe distance.

The new Walking Rein and Harness comes complete with a rein that can either be used short for training and close control, or extended with a secure hand-hold to ensure little ones don’t run into danger, whilst giving them a little more freedom.

Available in a range of colours, the high-quality Walking Rein and Harness is fully adjustable and is perfect for little explorers.

The Walking Rein and Harness has an RRP of £5.99 and is part of Clippasafe’s popular Home and Safety Range, which includes a variety of stringently tested walking aids such as wrist links and a mini backpack with detachable lead rein.

Clippasafe’s products are available from a wide range of retailers as well as online at

Back to School or Nursery – Rein in the Worries with Clippasafe

Parents whose young children are going to nursery or school for the first time in September are advised to give them a little bit of freedom when walking to and from home.

Clippasafe has been designing and manufacturing child safety products for more than 50 years, helping to keep youngsters out of danger, both in the home and while out and about.

With many children going to nursery or school for the first time this September, MD Roger Cheetham has some words of advice.

“Going to nursery or school is often a stressful time for young children and for parents alike, but there are some simple tips we can offer,” says Roger.

“Give your children little backpacks and get them to pack them with their favourite toys the night before. There’s also enough room for a couple of books and a packed lunch. Doing this gives children a sense of responsibility.

“When you are walking to school or nursery, young children may want to walk on ahead, but, understandably, many parents will worry that the children will wander off too quickly or go too close to the side of the road.

“An easy way to get over this is to use harnesses. Some reins fit around a child’s wrist, but there are some backpacks, like ours, that have detachable lead reins fitted – whichever parents use, both give peace of mind.”

Clippasafe’s Mini Back Packs, in Blue/Red and Pink, have been created especially with young children in mind, so that they can enjoy the responsibility of carrying a couple of books or favourite toys.

Retailing at £11.99, the backpacks have three zipped compartments and net pockets on either side for smaller items.

The Mini Back Packs, and Clippasafe’s extensive range of harnesses and wrist links, are available through stockists or by visiting

Families warned of holiday dangers

As millions of Britons prepare to jet off on holiday in the coming weeks, UK families are being urged not to relax on child safety whilst away.

The warning, from child safety specialist Clippasafe, comes at the start of the school summer holidays, in a bid to help families make the most of their break and avoid potential disaster.

Roger Cheetham, managing director of Clippasafe comments: “Holidays are a great opportunity for families to visit somewhere new, soak up some sun and relax, but child safety should not be forgotten.

“Staying away from home, many families don’t take their usual precautions to keep their little ones safe, despite being in an unfamiliar place and often taking part in more hazardous activities.”

To help families avoid any nasty accidents this summer, Clippasafe provides some top tips for keeping little ones safe on holiday:

“Good planning is the key to a safe holiday. Make sure that you pack a first aid kit, with plasters, bandages and antiseptic cream, and ensure that your insurance documents and European Health Insurance Card are up-to-date.

“Where possible try to make your holiday apartment as safe as you would your family home,” Roger advises. “Small safety devices, such as plug socket covers and corner cushions are perfect for slipping in the suitcase, and can easily be removed at the end of your stay.

“If you have a balcony, check that it is safe for your little one. Make sure that there are no gaps in balustrades that a child could fall through or get stuck in, and check that the barrier is high enough to prevent any falls.

As well as ensuring safety in the holiday home, Clippasafe is also encouraging families to take care when out and about.

“Tourist attractions can get very busy and it’s easy to lose sight of your child in a crowd. With young children, it’s best to use harnesses or wrist links to ensure that they don’t wander off, but with older kids that isn’t an option. Make sure that you decide a meeting point to go to if you get split up and remind your children who to approach if they are lost.

“Around 70 per cent of Europeans choose to holiday by the waterside*, but both the swimming pool and the sea can be a dangerous place for a young child. Young children can drown in as little as an inch of water and even strong swimmers can get into difficulty. Children should always be supervised around water and taught to swim near a lifeguard where possible,” concludes Roger.

For more information on Clippasafe, visit You can also receive regular home safety advice, news and offers by following @clippasafe on Twitter.

Roger Cheetham‘s top tips for keeping kids safe on holiday:

  1. Be prepared! Organise insurance documents and health cards before you leave and remember to pack a good first aid kit.
  2. Pack small safety devices e.g. plug socket covers for country of travel and corner cushions
  3. Check that your balcony is safe before letting little ones onto it.
  4. Use a harness to stop young children wandering off in crowded places.
  5. Always supervise children around water.

Safety survey launched to keep children safe

Child safety specialist, Clippasafe, has launched an online survey to find out more about the concerns of parents who have young children. The survey, which takes only a few minutes to complete, can be found by visiting

Clippasafe has consistently made award-winning and innovative child safety products for more than 50 years, and its experts regularly provide safety advice and tips to new mums and dads.

Now the company wants to know more about the worries that parents have so that it can continue to help keep young children safe either in the home or when out and about.

Roger Cheetham, from Clippasafe, comments: “Over the years we’ve helped to develop pioneering products that have brought safety into the lives of many families.

“To make sure that we know we are still continuing to develop the right products, and that we are leaving nothing out, we want to hear from parents and grandparents, and those looking after young children.

“We’d like people to tell us their concerns by answering a few, short questions. We’ll share that information and add our advice to help take some of the worry away.”

Questions on the survey include:

  • As a parent, what is your biggest home safety concern for your child?
  • When out and about, do you ever fear that your child will wander off and get lost?
  • Have you ever found your car seatbelt uncomfortable when pregnant?